Add/Swap UniFi Security Gateway (USG) to Existing Network with Another Router and Existing Controller

  • In Unifi Controller => Networks set an IP range DIFFERENT from your current one
  • On your “old” router/firewall hard code a DNS resolve for “unifi” to your Controller IP
    I added: (our windows domain and corresponding DNS is running on a sub-domain).
    You can verify this works on your domain by opening a CMD and type “ping unifi” … it should resolve now.
  • Connect the USG WAN port to your LAN – Controller should get a LAN IP via DHCP.
  • In the Controller adopt the USG
  • In the Controller configure WAN port to your real WAN data (static IP, whatever etc.).
    Note: The Controller will show the USG forever as “Provisioning”. Wait a few minutes, then…
  • Replace your old firewall/router with the USG (WAN to WAN Port, LAN to LAN port)…
  • In Unifi Controller => Networks set the LAN IP range back to the one you desire.

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